Thank You District 29 for Reelecting me as your Metro Council Member

Everyone knows I worked myself to exhaustion until Election Night and I had to take a day just to recoup. This experience has been the joy of my life. I want you all to know that I am deeply Honored and Appreciative to you for your confidence in me as your Councilmember. I have given my heart and soul to this district and Southeast Nashville. The results Thursday night were amazing and it shows that our area is headed in the right direction which is very positive. You showed out in terms of turnout in our city. We had the largest turnout of any area in Southeast Nashville, the largest margin of Victory of all contested Metro Council races citywide (82%) and it's because of you. You care as I do about our area and it truly matters. I want to also thank my husband, my family, my best friends Cynthia Dirkson and J.R. Andy Herrell, Karen VanCleave, Sue Paugh, Leon and Phyllis Stinson, Phil and Joyce Hereford, Tyese Hunter, Will Pinkston, Mama Jackie Brown, Mama Genora Flagg, Jackie Gleaves, Linda Maurice, Lorinda Hale, Rene Mercer, Alma Sanford, Franchata Bush, Bonnie and Mike Hassell, Jennifer Starnes, Terry Quillen, Peggy Nichols, Elizabeth Hembree, Angela Ellis Nelson, Angie Watson, Delishia Porterfield, Paula Ward, Maxine Towles and all of my neighbors who helped to make this happen. It was a long hot summer but everyone braved the heat with me and put up with my constant no stop energizer personality and my never being at home. I was just totally enjoying speaking to so many of you at your doors. For those who were not able to stop by our area's H&T's Homecooking restaurant on Election Night, please view the pictures being posted shortly. Ms. Phyllis Stinson made the beautiful cup cakes pictured as an American Flag! SHE IS SO TALENTED! Thank you Ms. Phyllis! She leads our decorations every year for our district Christmas Event. smile emoticon Also a huge thank you to our beautification commissioner Karen VanCleave who organized along with Sue Luttrell, Betty Ensor Thomas, Karen Haden and Sue Paugh our wonderful Election Night Party! Everything went so smooth because of these ladies! Last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to our area's very own Hattie Palin and her husband Thomas Palin who own H&T's Homecooking and their staff. They worked very hard and provided us unlimited tea, baked chicken with mushroom sauce, rib tips, green beans, sweet potato patties, cornbread and homemade banana pudding. Everyone left full and Happy! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Ms. Hattie! I look forward to continuing our forward momentum to make District 29 and our entire Southeast Nashville area one of the most desirable to live in this city. I thank you! I love you all! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to Serve You! So Proud to help represent District 29! THANK YOU!

2015 Re-Election Metro Council District 29


I have been honored to represent District 29 since my 2011 election. I ask for your vote for re-election to continue our hard work to improve schools, invest in improvements to infrastructure, community supported growth that preserves our neighborhoods character with increased access to green space, returning retail to our area, supporting our police officers and firefighters, and supporting economic incentives that result in new and better paying jobs for everyone. Thank You!

2011 Election

2011 Election
Thank you, District 29
My friends, you have entrusted me with the sacred responsibility of serving you in the Metro Council. Count on me to focus on the things that mean the most to you and your families:
• Safer neighborhoods
• Better schools
• More recreational facilities
• Higher property values
• A greater place to do business

Stand with me, and we will win the respect for our area that it deserves.

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!!! Please visit for news and updates.

Judge Dalton swears in Councilwoman Johnson

Friends and family proudly joined Karen Thursday as the Honorable Angie Blackshear Dalton administered the oath of office to the new Council Member from District 29.

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Dan Lane & Donald Sexton, Treasurers


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