Karen is grateful for endorsements from the following fine organizations:

Women In Numbers Endorses Councilwoman Karen Y. Johnson for Reelection! THANK YOU! Women in Numbers, a nonpartisan organization established to engage, encourage, and endorse qualified women to be elected to public office, has endorsed Karen Y. Johnson for Re-Election. Having served on the boards of The Nashville Women’s Political Caucus now known as The Tennessee Women’s Political Collaborative, The Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus and now most recently with my service on Women in Municipal Government, I am deeply grateful to WIN for their support of my public service. It’s important for Qualified Women to be represented because our governmental body should include women leaders. http://www.wintennessee.com/ENDORSEMENTS.html


Metro Police Endorsements

Bill Freeman Mayor
David Briley Vice Mayor
Buddy Baker Council At Large
Robert Duvall Council At Large
Ken Jakes Council At Large
Don Majors Council At Large
Lonnell Matthews Jr. Council At Large
Nick Leonardo Council District 1
DeCosta Hastings Council District 2
Tim Coleman Council District 3
Robert Swope Council District 4
Scott Davis Council District 5
Brett Withers Council District 6
Anthony Davis Council District 7
Nancy VanReece Council District 8
Bill Pridemore Council District 9
Douglas Pardue Council District 10
Larry Hagar Council District 11
Steve Glover Council District 12
Holly Huezo Council District 13
Kevin Rhoten Council District 14
Jeffrey Syracuse Council District 15
Tony Tenpenny Council District 16
Tony Watson Council District 17
Burkley M. Allen Council District 18
Amanda Harrison Council District 19
Mary Carolyn Roberts Council District 20
Edward T. Kindall Council District 21
Sheri Weiner Council District 22
Jim Roberts Council District 23
Kathleen Murphy Council District 24
Russ Pulley Council District 25
Jeremy Elrod Council District 26
Davette Blalock Council District 27
Melissa Smithson Council District 28
Karen Y. Johnson Council District 29
Jason Potts Council District 30
Fabian Bedne Council District 31
Jacobia C. Dowell Council District 32
Jimmy Gafford Council District 33
Angie Henderson Council District 34
Dave Rosenberg Council District 35




Thank you to the Nashville Business Coalition for their endorsement for Re-Election. I will continue working to bring back retail, jobs and businesses to our area that will keep Southeast Nashville as one of the most desirable to live in Nashville/Davidson County.
The Nashville Business Coalition (NBC), a political action Committee made up of business leaders from across the City, announced today its support for candidates seeking Metro Council and Vice Mayor seats in the August 6 election.
“We applaud all the candidates who are offering themselves up for public service and were pleased to see so many candidates supportive of issues important to our business community. We are especially committed to supporting local candidates who understand the importance of creating a government environment for businesses and workers to succeed in Nashville,” said Nancy Stabell, NBC Board Chair.
“Based upon our extensive candidate vetting process that included face-to-face interviews, surveys and an assessment of candidates’ platforms related to issues such as land use and zoning, economic and community development, infrastructure development, support for public education, and workforce housing, the NBC is pleased to announce its slate of endorsements for Vice Mayor and Metro Council as those candidates best positioned to lead Nashville for the next four years. Twenty-four of the endorsed candidates are current or past district Metro Council members who, by their voting records and past performance have proven to clearly understand and consistently support the city’s large and small businesses. In some races, the NBC endorsed more than one candidate because of both candidates demonstrated their commitment to support and work collaboratively with business. In select races the NBC has chosen to delay endorsements until the September run-off election.”

The candidates endorsed by the Nashville Business Coalition are:

Vice Mayor Endorsements

David Briley
Tim Garrett

At Large Endorsements

Buddy Baker
Karen Bennett
Erin Coleman
John Cooper
Erica Gilmore
Frank Harrison
Jason Holleman
Walter Hunt
John Lasiter
Lonnell Matthews
Bob Mendes
Sandra Moore
Jim Shulman

District Council Endorsements (* are incumbents)

Robert Swope, District 4
Scott Davis, District 5*
Peter Westerholm, District 6*
Anthony Davis, District 7*
Nancy VanReece, District 8
Bill Pridemore, District 9*
Douglas Pardue, District 10*
Larry Hagar, District 11*
Steve Glover, District 12*
Furtesha Carter, District 13
Mark Cole, District 13
Kevin Rhoten, District 14
Jeff Syracuse, District 15
Tony Tenpenny, District 16*
Chris Cotton, District 17
Colby Sledge, District 17
Burkley Allen, District 18*
Freddie O’Connell, District 19
Mary Carolyn Roberts, District 20
Leah Dupree, District 21
Sheri Weiner, District 22*
Mina Johnson, District 23
Allen Grant, District 24
Russ Pulley, District 25
Jeremy Elrod, District 26
Davette Blalock, District 27*
Tanaka Vercher, District 28
Karen Johnson, District 29*
Jason Potts, District 30*
Fabian Bedne, District 31*
Jacobia Dowell, District 32*
Sam Coleman, District 33
Steve Butler, District 34
Angie Henderson, District 34
Dave Rosenberg, District 35

About the Nashville Business Coalition

Nashville’s business community is a driver of the local economy. Business creates jobs and prosperity; government leaders create the legislative environment for that to occur. The Nashville Business Coalition applauds community leaders who choose to serve Nashville residents and businesses through elected office. Since 1999, the Coalition, a pro-business political action committee, has dedicated itself to electing business-friendly candidates who have made the long term economic vitality of Nashville a priority. These candidates understand the partnership that exists between the public and private sectors.

Service Workers (SEIU) Endorse To ReElect Councilwoman Karen Y. Johnson Metro Council District 29 THANK YOU! SEIU Local 205

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 205 announces their endorsed candidates for Nashville’s Metro Council elections to be held on August 10, 2015.
The candidates were interviewed and chosen by a committee of rank and file members of our union.  The members of this committee are Davidson County residents who work for Metro Government or for Metro schools.
If there were more than three candidates in a district race, the committee decided to wait until the runoff to give an endorsement.  The committee also decided to wait until the runoff to endorse for the At-Large races.
The endorsed candidates are:
Mayor             Bill Freeman
Vice-Mayor    David Briley
District 5         Sara Martin
District 7         Anthony Davis
District 16       Tony Tenpenny
District 20      Mary Carolyn Roberts
District 21       Ed Kindall
District 23      Mina Johnson
District 24      Kathleen Murphy
District 26      Jeremy Elrod
District 27      Clement Ledbetter
District 28      Tanaka Vercher
District 29      Karen Johnson
District 32      Jacobia Dowell
District 33      Jimmy Gafford
District 34      Steve Butler
District 35      Dave Rosenberg
Early voting is from July 17- August 1.
Election Day will be on August 6th.
Runoff elections are scheduled for Sept. 10.
For complete election information, including early voting and absentee ballots, visit the Davidson County Election Commission’s website or call them at 615-862-8800